The Conquest of Bliss

Episode 20 - Playful Learning and a Magical Life

May 17, 2020

The amazing author and creative being, Floris Koot joins us all the way from the netherlands! Though we did have *some* audio issues, the episode is worth the listen! What an amazing human and a cool connection to make! Join us on a conversation about living in the magic that exists all around us and the adventures he got to undertake along the way!

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I asked Floris to send me all the links he could think of for people who wanted more and boy did he deliver (and I am so grateful he did!):

The article that led to this interview:

Floris' other stuff on medium:

The personal psychology section of the stuff on medium:

The social activist facebook group connected to it:

The educational project group, flourishgaia:

His business site:

His linkedin:

And for those that love to be 'bombed' with links to great ideas:

And as a last one, for the educators among your audience:

Warning: This Podcast contains explicit language (probably), and casual conversation about what very well might be triggering topics (also probably). Listener Discretion is advised. 

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